Dear Friends: We are excited to continue our Adventist Review Fundraiser into the 2019-2020 school year.

Teachers and principals

For your diligent help on this program, we are offering you a complimentary subscription to Adventist Review. To receive it, click here to send your name and mailing address to Sharon Tennyson.

FundRaising Campaign Packet

If you would like to download a complete fundraising campaign packet for you school, please click the button below.



Thanks for participating in this program! It’s actually pretty simple, so let’s get started. 


Teachers, photo copy parent/student items (you’ll see it noted by a tab in the top right corner), to send home with students. The letter to parents is especially important. 


Put up enclosed posters ALL over your school. If you need more, we have downloadable versions available here.


Don’t forget to communicate this program via RenWeb. Click here for the digital packet.


Familiarize yourself and students with Adventist Review (contact us for a free copy). 


Students can get right to selling by using the “look sheet” about Adventist Review to show prospective subscribers what we are about. Interested persons simply fill out their information on the order forms. We have enclosed a sample “script” for your students to use to make their pitches. 


Once each order form is completed, please collect them from your students and send them on the last day of each month to Pacific Press Publishing Association via snail mail, or scan and e-mail. Contact information is provided on the sheet. No money needs to be collected at this time. Pacific Press will send invoices to subscribers. Click here to order, or here to download more order forms.


Keep tally of how many subscription interests your students are bringing in. We will get a final count from Pacific Press to match up against your records to determine prizes. 


Spread the word! Share this campaign on your social media accounts; see if you might get some time to talk about it in your churches; and encourage and celebrate your students who are working so hard. We appreciate them and you!

Posters for your school

Click below to download a PDF of the posters that can be printed and put up to create awareness and interest in your classroom and throughout your school.


Subscription Sign-up Sheet

Click the button below to download an order form students can use to collect subscriptions. Remember, subscribers don’t need to pay when they sign-up, the publisher will just send an invoice.