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Fundraising Packets

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Do you know Adventist Review? If you don’t, you really should!

Adventist Review is Adventism’s best-known brand—a publication started in 1849 by James and Ellen White and continuously published since then!

Each monthly issue contains an award-winning combination of inspiration, Bible study, practical tips for Adventist lifestyle, faith-building stories, and the biggest, most eye-catching news section of any Adventist journal worldwide. And as an additional family-friendly bonus, each issue comes bundled with KidsView, our children’s magazine for kids ages 8-12—a wholesome, colorful journal brimming with stories, devotionals, activities, and a one-of-a-kind interactive calendar!


For every specially-priced $19.95 paid subscription, your school receives $5, which represents a wonderful opportunity to raise funds for any number of special projects needed.


Connect with your worldwide church family, enhance your personal spiritual growth, and let us encourage you every step of the way. Make Adventist Review a crucial part of your homes today!