Dear Parents: Our school has been chosen to be part of a new and cutting-edge fundraising program. It’s easy; it’s fun; and it will make a great difference as we work together to improve our school, its equipment, and the value of our academic program.

That’s why I need you to help your child be successful as they participate in this important effort to raise funds for our school. 

Everyone wins with this project! 

Students sell specially-priced subscriptions to Adventist Review, a magazine that I believe should be in everyone’s home. It’s the oldest—and the newest—journal in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and keeps us all connected through news, faith-building articles, and practical tips on raising our kids and building stronger marriages. Recent articles included how to build bridges in times of conflict; Martin Luther King, Jr.’s advice on how to bring about good changes in our culture; and helping our kids handle the challenges of digital technology. The news section is quite literally the biggest and best of any Adventist journal!

With every Adventist Review subscription comes KidsView, the award-winning bonus magazine for children ages 8-12 that your child is likely already enjoying at school. Kid-friendly stories, puzzles, fascinating information to stimulate your child’s interest in science, engineering, technology, and math (STEM), and the famous KidsView back-page calendar make this a “must-read” for children of any age—and their parents! Today’s families spend only 3 to 5 minutes a day reading to their children. KidsView is a great way to boost that family reading experience in your home. 

So how does it work? Simply ask family, friends, and church members to subscribe to the Adventist Review for one year (12 issues) at a great price of $19.95. Fill out the downloadable form and return it to the address provided. For each subscription, our school earns $5. And your child gets the opportunity to win prizes for 5, 10, 20, or 50 sales— via Amazon gift cards.

This is simply the easiest and most profitable opportunity we’ll have this year to raise much-needed funds for our special project.

Help your child reach out to family members, friends, neighbors, fellow church members—and be sure to order a subscription of Adventist Review/KidsView for your own home!

Our school will benefit; your child will be eager to earn top prizes; and families all over our community will be blessed with inspiring magazines that will help them build better homes and relationships.